Man pages for BaseSet
Working with Sets the Tidy Way

activateDetermine the context of subsequent manipulations.
add_columnAdd column
add_elementsAdd elements to a TidySet
add_relationAdd relations
add_relationsAdd relations to a TidySet
add_setsAdd sets to a TidySet
arrange_Arrange the order of a TidySet a TidySet to a data.frame
as.list.TidySetConvert to list
BaseSet-packageBaseSet: Working with Sets the Tidy Way
cardinalityCardinality or membership of sets
cartesianCreate the cartesian product of two sets
complementComplement TidySet
complement_elementComplement of elements
complement_setComplement of a set
df2TSThe opposite of
droplevels.TidySetDrop unused elements and sets
elementsElements of the TidySet
element_sizeCalculates the size of the elements
fapplyApply to fuzzy
filter_Filter TidySet
getGAFRead a GAF file
getGMTImport GMT (Gene Matrix Transposed) files
getOBORead an OBO file
groupCreate a new set from existing elements
group_by_group_by TidySet
independentIndependence of the sets
intersectionIntersection of two or more sets
is.fuzzyCheck if a TidySet is fuzzy.
is_nestedAre some sets as elements of other sets?
length_probabilityCalculates the probability of a single length
length_setCalculates the probability
move_toMove columns between slots
multiply_probabilitiesProbability of a vector of probabilities
name_elementsName elements
name_elements-setRename elements
name_setsName sets
name_sets-setRename sets
namingName an operation
nElementsNumber of elements
nRelationsNumber of relations
nSetsNumber of sets
pipePipe operator
power_setCreate the power set
pull_Pull from a TidySet
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relationsRelations of the TidySet
remove_columnRemove column
remove_elementRemove elements
remove_relationRemove a relation
remove_setRemove sets
rename_elementsRename elements
rename_setRename sets
select_select from a TidySet
setsSets of the TidySet
set_sizeCalculates the size of a set
set_symbolsA subset of symbols related to sets
show-TidySet-methodMethod to show the TidySet object
tidyConvert GSEABase classes to a TidySet
tidySetCreate a TidySet object
TidySet-classA tidy class to represent a set
unionJoin sets
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