Man pages for BayLum
Chronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Radiocarbon Age Dating

AgeC14_ComputationBayesian analysis for C-14 age estimations of various samples
Age_ComputationBayesian analysis for the OSL age estimation of one sample
Age_OSLC14Bayesian analysis for age estimation of OSL measerments and...
AgeSOutput of 'AgeS_Computation' function for the samples: "GDB5"...
AgeS_ComputationBayesian analysis for the OSL age estimation of various...
AtmosphericNorth_CalC14Atmospheric North data for calibration of 14C age
AtmosphericSouth_CalC14Atmospheric South data for calibration of 14C age
BayLum-packageChronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically...
combine_DataFilesCombine objects generated by Generate_DataFile and...
DATA1DATA of sample named GDB3
DATA2DATA on sample named GDB5
DATA3DATA of sample named FER1
DATA_C14C14 cal age estiamte and its error
Generate_DataFileGenerates, from one (or several) BIN-file(s) of Single-grain...
Generate_DataFile_MGGenerates, from one (or several) BIN file(s) of Multi-grain...
LT_RegenDosePlots Lx/Tx as a function of the regenerative dose
Marine_CalC14Marine data for calibration of 14C age
MCMCsampleMCMC sample from the posterior distribution of the dataset...
Model_AgeJAGS models use in 'Age_Computation'
Model_AgeC14JAGS models use in 'AgeC14_Computation'
Model_AgeSJAGS models use in 'AgeS_Computation'
ModelC14Likelihood of C14 samples for JAGS models use in 'Age_OSLC14'
ModelOSLLikelihood of OSL samples for JAGS models use in 'Age_OSLC14'
Model_PalaeodoseJAGS models use in 'Palaeodose_Computation'
ModelPriorPrior for JAGS models use in 'Age_OSLC14'
Palaeodose_ComputationBayesian analysis for the palaeodose estimation of various...
plot_AgesCreate age plot
plot_MCMCPlot MCMC trajectories and posterior distributions
plot_ScatterplotsDisplay Scatter Plot Matrix of the Bayesian Age Results
SCMatrixDefinition of the stratigraphic constraint matrix
SC_OrderedCreate stratigraphically ordered sample matrix
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