Man pages for BayesBP
Bayesian Estimation using Bernstein Polynomial Fits Rate Matrix

binBinomial function
BP2DBayesian estimation using two dimensions Bernstein polynomial
BP2D_coefGetting coefficeint from BP2D result.
BP2D_tableTable and Criterion.
BPbasisBernstein polynomial basis.
BPFhatTwo dimensional Bernstein polynomial
Credible_intervalCredible interval.
gen_dataGenerated data
MRisky population function
PD_BPbasisPartial differential Bernstein polynomial basis.
PD_BPFhatTwo dimensional Bernstein polynomial
PD_Credible_intervalCredible interval.
RhatGelman Rubin statistics.
scale_to_01Scale to [0,1]
simulated_data_1Generate simulated data 1
simulated_data_2Generate simulated data 2
write.BPWrite xlsx file
write.BPtableWrite BPtalbe as xlsx file
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