Man pages for BiSEp
Toolkit to Identify Candidate Synthetic Lethality

BEEMBEEM: Bimodal Expression Exclusive with Mutation
BIGEEBIGEE: Bimodal Gene Expression Exclusivity.
BISEPBISEP: Bimodality in Gene Expression data.
BISEP_datA list object containing 3 data frames.
BISEP_DataA list object containing 3 data frames.
BiSEp-packageBiSEp: Bimodality in gene expression to dissect tumours and...
expressionPlotexpressionPlot: Create visualisations from BIGEE output
FUREFURE: Functional redundancy between synthetic lethal gene...
FURE_dataOutput matrix from the BIGEE tool
INPUT_dataA Log2 Gene Expression matrix
MUT_dataA matrix containing discreet mutation calls
waterfallPlotwaterfallPlot: Create visualisations from BEEM output
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