BinaryEPPM: Mean and Variance Modeling of Binary Data

Modeling under- and over-dispersed binary data using extended Poisson process models (EPPM).

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AuthorDavid M Smith, Malcolm J Faddy
Date of publication2016-11-28 16:53:51
MaintainerDavid M. Smith <>

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Man pages

BBprob: Calculation of vector of probabilities for the beta binomial...

Berkshires.litters: The data are of the number of male piglets born in litters of...

BinaryEPPM: Fitting of EPPM models to binary data.

BinaryEPPM-package: Mean and Variance Modeling of Binary Data

CBprob: Calculation of vector of probabilities for the correlated...

coef.BinaryEPPM: Extraction of model coefficients for BinaryEPPM Objects

cooks.distance.BinaryEPPM: Cook's distance for BinaryEPPM Objects

doubexp: Double exponential Link Function

doubrecip: Double reciprocal Link Function

EPPMprob: Calculation of vector of probabilities for a extended Poisson...

fitted.BinaryEPPM: Extraction of fitted values from BinaryEPPM Objects Participation in the federal food stamp program.

foodstamp.grouped: Participation in the federal food stamp program as a list not...

GasolineYield: Data on gasoline yields.

GBprob: Calculation of vector of probabilities for the generalized...

hatvalues.BinaryEPPM: Extraction of hat matrix values from BinaryEPPM Objects Individual case data of chromosome aberrations in survivors...

Hiroshima.grouped: Data of chromosome aberrations in survivors of Hiroshima... Kupper and Haseman example data

LL.gradient: Function used to calculate the first derivatives of the log...

LL.Regression.Binary: Function called by optim to calculate the log likelihood from...

logLik.BinaryEPPM: Extract Log-Likelihood

loglog: Log-log Link Function

Luningetal.litters: Number of trials (implantations) in data of Luning, et al.,...

Model.BCBinProb: Probabilities for beta and correlated binomial distributions...

Model.Binary: Function for obtaining output from distributional models.

Model.GB: Probabilities for binomial and generalized binomial...

Model.JMVGB: Probabilities for generalized binomial distributions given...

Parkes.litters: The data are of the number of male piglets born in litters of...

plot.BinaryEPPM: Diagnostic Plots for BinaryEPPM Objects

powerlogit: Power Logit Link Function

predict.BinaryEPPM: Prediction Method for BinaryEPPM Objects

print.BinaryEPPM: Printing of BinaryEPPM Objects

print.summaryBinaryEPPM: Printing of summaryBinaryEPPM Objects

residuals.BinaryEPPM: Residuals for BinaryEPPM Objects Dilution series for the presence of rope spores.

ropespores.grouped: Dilution series for the presence of rope spores.

summary.BinaryEPPM: Summary of BinaryEPPM Objects Individual case data of Titanic survivors

Titanic.survivors.grouped: Titanic survivors data in frequency distribution form.

vcov.BinaryEPPM: Variance/Covariance Matrix for Coefficients

Williams.litters: Number of implantations, data of Williams (1996).

Yorkshires.litters: The data are of the number of male piglets born in litters of...


BBprob Man page
Berkshires.litters Man page
BinaryEPPM Man page
BinaryEPPM-package Man page
CBprob Man page
coef.BinaryEPPM Man page
cooks.distance.BinaryEPPM Man page
doubexp Man page
doubrecip Man page
EPPMprob Man page
fitted.BinaryEPPM Man page Man page
foodstamp.grouped Man page
GasolineYield Man page
GBprob Man page
hatvalues.BinaryEPPM Man page Man page
Hiroshima.grouped Man page Man page
LL.gradient Man page
LL.Regression.Binary Man page
logLik.BinaryEPPM Man page
loglog Man page
Luningetal.litters Man page
Model.BCBinProb Man page
Model.Binary Man page
Model.GB Man page
Model.JMVGB Man page
Parkes.litters Man page
plot.BinaryEPPM Man page
powerlogit Man page
predict.BinaryEPPM Man page
print.BinaryEPPM Man page
print.summaryBinaryEPPM Man page
residuals.BinaryEPPM Man page Man page
ropespores.grouped Man page
summary.BinaryEPPM Man page Man page
Titanic.survivors.grouped Man page
vcov.BinaryEPPM Man page
Williams.litters Man page
Yorkshires.litters Man page


R/Model.GB.R R/residuals.BinaryEPPM.R R/Model.JMVGB.R R/powerlogit.R R/BBprob.R R/LL.gradient.R R/cooks.distance.BinaryEPPM.R R/GBprob.R R/predict.BinaryEPPM.R R/doubexp.R R/coef.BinaryEPPM.R R/BinaryEPPM.R R/Model.BCBinProb.R R/hatvalues.BinaryEPPM.R R/CBprob.R R/EPPMprob.R R/vcov.BinaryEPPM.R R/Model.Binary.R R/doubrecip.R R/logLik.BinaryEPPM.R R/plot.BinaryEPPM.R R/fitted.BinaryEPPM.R R/LL.Regression.Binary.R R/loglog.R R/print.BinaryEPPM.R R/summary.BinaryEPPM.R R/print.summaryBinaryEPPM.R
man/Titanic.survivors.grouped.Rd man/foodstamp.grouped.Rd man/ man/powerlogit.Rd man/Hiroshima.grouped.Rd man/BinaryEPPM-package.Rd man/Model.BCBinProb.Rd man/vcov.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/summary.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/LL.Regression.Binary.Rd man/fitted.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/CBprob.Rd man/Williams.litters.Rd man/hatvalues.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/GasolineYield.Rd man/Model.JMVGB.Rd man/GBprob.Rd man/coef.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/Luningetal.litters.Rd man/doubexp.Rd man/ man/Model.Binary.Rd man/doubrecip.Rd man/print.summaryBinaryEPPM.Rd man/plot.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/loglog.Rd man/Model.GB.Rd man/cooks.distance.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/BBprob.Rd man/BinaryEPPM.Rd man/ropespores.grouped.Rd man/residuals.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/logLik.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/print.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/predict.BinaryEPPM.Rd man/Berkshires.litters.Rd man/Parkes.litters.Rd man/ man/ man/EPPMprob.Rd man/ man/LL.gradient.Rd man/Yorkshires.litters.Rd

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