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Statistical Comparisons with Distance-Function Based Permutation Tests

acornAcorn Production
agree2Lodgepole pine basal area and canopy cover
bgrouseBlue grouse migration data
BlossomPkgStatistical comparisons with distance-function based...
blue162Example data of biweekly grouse locations
brad302Hypothesized random normal N(3, 2) deviates
coverageG-sample and goodness-of-fit tests based on empirical...
CoverageObj-classClass '"CoverageObj"'
Dist2mvmReport distance to the multivariate median
EMRPPObj-classClass '"EMRPPObj"'
ex4rankExample univariate data for MRPP
example1Example bivariate data for MRPP
example3Example univariate response data for MRPP
example4Example univariate response data with outlier for MRPP
fraserfSubalpine forest tree cover data
habitatBlue grouse winter habitat selection data
hypothesis.testHypothesis testing for LAD objects
KSGFObj-classClass "KSGFObj"
ladLeast absolute deviation
LADObj-classClass '"LADObj"'
lahontanLahontan cutthroat trout density in streams
lilyLily seedling counts
medqMultivariate Medians and Distance Quantiles
MEDQObj-classClass '"MEDQObj"'
mrbpMultiresponse permutation procedures for randomized blocks
mrbp1Variation in oven-dried biomass of shrubs
MRBPObj-classClass '"MRBPObj"'
mrppMultiresponse permutation procedures
MRPPObj-classClass '"MRPPObj"'
MRSPObj-classClass '"MRSPObj"'
neter365Soap scrap as a function of production line speed (Neter et...
npofOrientation of movements of newt
olsOrdinary least squares regression
paired1Example of paired data set up in a blocked structure
paired2Paired data structure
preferHabitat preference data for pheasants
ptmpPermutation test for matched pairs
PTMPObj-classClass '"PTMPObj"'
pvalueExtract P-values
QuantValuesReport quantile values
raoCircular orientation of homing pigeons (Rao 1976)
ResampValsExtract resample values
spMultiresponse sequence procedure
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