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Create Publication-Quality Plots

append.footnoteAppends Footnotes to Grid Objects
auto.axisCreate ideal labels and values for a given dataset (detects...
BoutrosLab.plotting.general-packageBoutros Lab general plotting functions
CNACopy number aberration (CNA) data from colon cancer patients
colour.gradientCreates a colour gradient
covariates.grobCreate one or more covariate bars
create.barplotMake a barplot
create.boxplotMake a boxplot
create.colourkeyCreate Colourkey
create.dendrogramGenerate a dendrogram
create.densityplotMake a density plot
create.dotmapMake a dotmap with coloured background
create.gifMake a gif
create.heatmapMake a heatmap
create.hexbinplotMake a hexagonally binned plot
create.histogramMake a histogram
create.lollipopplotMake a lollipopplot
create.manhattanplotMake a Manhattan plot
create.multipanelplotJoins plots together
create.multiplotJoins plots together
create.polygonplotMake a polygonplot
create.qqplot.comparisonMake a quantile-quantile plot of two samples
create.qqplot.fitMake a quantile-quantile plot of a sample the confidence bands for a one-sample qq plot
create.scatterplotMake a scatterplot
create.segplotMake a segplot
create.stripplotMake a strip-plot
create.violinplotMake a violin plot
default.coloursProvides default colour schemes.
display.coloursFunction to display R colors, as well as corresponding R grey...
display.statistical.resultUtility function to display statistical result in a plot
distDistance Matrix Computation
force.colour.schemeBased on predefined colour schemes, returns a vector of...
GarbageCollectForce Garbage Collection alternative default tick mark locations for...
generate.filenameGenerate a filename in the lab standard
get.correlation.p.and.corrCalculate a correlation and its statistical significance
get.corr.keyCorrelation Key
get.defaultsGet operating system specific default properties
get.line.breaksGet line breaks
ks.test.critical.valueCritical Value for Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
legend.grobGenerate a legend grob
ls.objectsList of objects
microarrayMicroarray dataset of colon cancer patients
panel.BL.bwplotA lattice::panel.bwplot replacement that fixes colouring...
patientDataset describing qualities of 58 colon cancer patients
pcawg.coloursReturn standard PCAWG colour palettes.
recode.vectorRecode Vector
save.session.profileSave Session Profile
scientific.notationUse scientific notation in plots
show.available.palettesDisplay the available colour palettes
SNVSingle nucleotide variant (SNV) data from colon cancer...
thousands.splitDivide strings into groups of thousands
write.metadataWrites Metadata
write.plotSimplifies plotting by standardizing and centralizing all...
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