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Generalized Pairwise Comparisons

boot2pvalueCompute the p.value from the distribution under H1
BuyseRes-classClass "BuyseRes" (output of BuyseTest)
BuyseRes-confintConfidence Intervals for Model Parameters
BuyseRes-getCountExtract the Number of Favorable, Unfavorable, Neutral,...
BuyseRes-getPairScoreExtract the Score of Each Pair
BuyseRes-getSurvivalExtract the Survival and Survival Jumps
BuyseRes-showShow Method for Class "BuyseRes"
BuyseRes-summarySummary Method for Class "BuyseRes"
BuyseSim-classClass "BuyseSim" (output of BuyseTest)
BuyseSim-showShow Method for Class "BuyseSim"
BuyseSim-summarySummary Method for Class "BuyseSim"
BuyseTestGeneralized Pairwise Comparisons (GPC)
BuyseTest.optionsGlobal options for BuyseTest package
BuyseTest.options-classClass "BuyseTest.options" (global setting for the BuyseTest...
BuyseTest.options-methodsMethods for the class "BuyseTest.options"
BuyseTest-packageBuyseTest package: Generalized Pairwise Comparisons
calcIntegralScore_cppC++ Function Computing the Integral Terms for the Peron...
constStrataStrata creation
dicreteRootDichotomic search for monotone function
GPC_cppC++ function performing the pairwise comparison over several...
internal-initializationinternal functions for BuyseTest - initialization
internal-printinternal functions for BuyseTest - display
powerBuyseTestPerforming simulation studies with BuyseTest
simulationSimulation of data for the BuyseTest
testArgsCheck Arguments Passed to BuyseTest
validFCTsCheck Arguments of a function.
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