Defines functions print.CA3variants

Documented in print.CA3variants

print.CA3variants <-function(x, digits=3,...) {
    cat("Number of iteration steps \n")
    cat("\n    RESULTS for 3-way Correspondence Analysis\n")
        if ((x$ca3type=="CA3")|(x$ca3type=="OCA3")){
        cat("Three-way Pearson ratio table \n")
        print(round(x$xs, digits = 2))
else {
        cat("Three-way centered column profile table \n")
        print(round(x$xs, digits = 2))
cat("\n Row marginals\n\n")
     print(round(apply(x$DataMatrix/sum(x$DataMatrix), 1, sum), digits = digits))
cat("\n Column marginals\n\n")
     print(round(apply(x$DataMatrix/sum(x$DataMatrix), 2, sum), digits = digits))
cat("\n Tube marginals\n\n")
     print(round(apply(x$DataMatrix/sum(x$DataMatrix), 3, sum), digits = digits))
    cat("Reconstruction of Data array by components and core array \n")
    print(round(x$xhat, digits = digits))
    cat("Explained inertia ", x$nxhat2, "\n\n")
    cat("Total inertia ", x$inertia, "\n\n")
    cat("Percent inertia  \n\n")
cat("The percentage contribution of the three components to the total variation\n\n")
cat("The vector of the percentage contributions of the interactively coded colum-tube  components to the total inertia, 
useful for making interactively coded biplots\n\n")
cat("The vector of the percentage contributions of the row  components to the total inertia, 
useful for making response biplots\n\n")
    cat("Proportion of explained inertia (when reducing dimensions)\n\n")
    cat("\n Rows in principal coordinates\n\n")
    print(round(x$fi), digits = digits)
    cat("\n Rows in standard coordinates\n\n")
    print(round(x$fiStandard, digits = digits))
    cat("\n Column-tubes in principal coordinates\n\n")
    print(round(x$gjk, digits = digits))
 cat("\n Column-tubes in standard coordinates\n\n")
    print(round(x$gjkStandard, digits = digits))
    cat("\n Coordinate Inner Product\n\n")
    print(round(x$iproduct, digits = digits))
    cat("Core array i.e. Generalised singular values  \n\n")
    print(round(x$g, digits = digits))
    cat("\n Index partionings\n\n")

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