Man pages for CAISEr
Comparison of Algorithms with Iterative Sample Size Estimation

boot_sdmBootstrap the sampling distribution of the mean
calc_instancesCalculates number of instances for the comparison of two...
calc_nreps2Determine sample sizes for a pair of algorithms on a problem...
calc_phiCalculates the sample estimator of (simple or percent)...
calc_power_curveCalculate the power curve for an experiment
calc_roptCalculates the optimal ratio of sample sizes
calc_seCalculates the standard error for simple and percent...
dummyalgoDummy algorithm routine to test the sampling procedures
dummyinstanceDummy instance (for testing only) - a function that does...
get_observationsRun an algorithm on a problem.
run_experimentRun a full experiment
se_bootBootstrap standard errors
se_paramParametric standard errors
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