CARrampsOcl: Reparameterized and marginalized posterior sampling for conditional autoregressive models, OpenCL implementation

This package fits Bayesian conditional autoregressive models for spatial and spatiotemporal data on a lattice. It uses OpenCL kernels running on GPUs to perform rejection sampling to obtain independent samples from the joint posterior distribution of model parameters.

AuthorKate Cowles and Michael Seedorff and Alex Sawyer
Date of publication2013-10-25 18:55:12
MaintainerKate Cowles <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages Fit Bayesian normal conditional autoregressive model

CARrampsOcl-package: Draws independent samples from joint posterior in Bayesian...

eigenCAR1: Function to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of CAR1...

eigenRW1: Function to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of RW1...

inprod: Function to compute inner product of two vectors.

iowaSW06: Iowa normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data

iowaSW97_06small: Southwest Iowa 10-year normalized difference vegetation index...

makeQ: Function to construct a structure matrix for 2-dimensional...

makeRW1Q: Function to construct structure matrix for 1-dimenstional...

makeRW2Q: Function to construct structure matrix for 1-dimensional...

multivspost2blog: Evaluate marginalized and reparameterized joint posterior.

multivspost2blogandtausqtot: Function to evaluate marginalized and reparameterized...

oclCombo1col: Function to call OpenCL to calculate posterior means and...

oclCombo1col1: Function to call OpenCL to calculate posterior means and...

oclCombo1col3: Function to call OpenCL to calculate posterior means and...

oclKronVectMult1col: Function to call OpenCL program to compute product of a...

oclKronVectMult1col3Q: Function to call OpenCL program to premultiply a matrix by a...

oclSampling: Function to call OpenCL for rejection sampling.

optimizelogpost: Optimize log of marginalized and reparameterized joint...

plot2Q: Function to produce image plot of 2-dimensional data modeled...

plot3Q: Plot 3-dimensional data modeled with 3 separate structure...

plotCAR1: Function to plot 2-dimensional data modeled using a single...

plotCAR1plus1Q: Plot 3-dimensional data modeled with a 2-dimensional CAR1...

plotem: Utility function used by plotting functions.

rdirichlet: Generate random samples from dirichlet distribution.

setup1: Function to invoke OpenCL package and create kernels

setup2: Function to invoke OpenCL package and create kernels

setup3: Function to invoke OpenCL package and create kernels


CARrampsOcl Man page Man page
CARrampsOcl-package Man page
eigenCAR1 Man page
eigenRW1 Man page
inprod Man page
iowaSW06 Man page
iowaSW97_06small Man page
makeQ Man page
makeRW1Q Man page
makeRW2Q Man page
multivspost2blog Man page
multivspost2blogandtausqtot Man page
oclCombo1col Man page
oclCombo1col1 Man page
oclCombo1col3 Man page
oclKronVectMult1col3Q Man page
oclKronVectMult1colFrom Man page
oclSampling Man page
optimizelogpost Man page
plot2Q Man page
plot3Q Man page
plotCAR1 Man page
plotCAR1plus1Q Man page
plotem Man page
rdirichlet Man page
setup1 Man page
setup2 Man page
setup3 Man page


CARrampsOcl/R/oclCombo1col3.R CARrampsOcl/R/makeRW1Q.R CARrampsOcl/R/setup3.R CARrampsOcl/R/plot2Q.R CARrampsOcl/R/oclSampling.R CARrampsOcl/R/multivspost2blog.R CARrampsOcl/R/setup2.R CARrampsOcl/R/oclKronVectMult1col.R CARrampsOcl/R/plotCAR1plus1Q.R CARrampsOcl/R/makeQmkc2.R CARrampsOcl/R/rdirichlet.R CARrampsOcl/R/oclKronVectMult1col3Q.R CARrampsOcl/R/plot3Q.R CARrampsOcl/R/oclCombo1col.R CARrampsOcl/R/inprod.R CARrampsOcl/R/multivspost2blogandtausqtot.R CARrampsOcl/R/eigenRW1.R CARrampsOcl/R/makeQ.R CARrampsOcl/R/eigenCAR1.R CARrampsOcl/R/ CARrampsOcl/R/optimizelogpost.R CARrampsOcl/R/plotCAR1.R CARrampsOcl/R/setup1.R CARrampsOcl/R/oclCombo1col1.R CARrampsOcl/R/plotem.R CARrampsOcl/R/makeRW2Q.R
CARrampsOcl/man/setup3.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/multivspost2blog.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/ CARrampsOcl/man/eigenRW1.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclKronVectMult1col3Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/plotem.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/plotCAR1.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/setup1.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/rdirichlet.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/plot2Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclKronVectMult1col.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/CARrampsOcl-package.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclCombo1col3.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclCombo1col.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/plotCAR1plus1Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/inprod.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/multivspost2blogandtausqtot.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/plot3Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/setup2.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/makeRW1Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/optimizelogpost.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/makeQ.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/makeRW2Q.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/eigenCAR1.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/iowaSW97_06small.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/iowaSW06.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclSampling.Rd CARrampsOcl/man/oclCombo1col1.Rd

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