Man pages for CAvariants
Correspondence Analysis Variants

asbestosSelikoff's data, two-way contingency table.
cabasicClassical two-way correspondence analysis
caellipseAlgebraic elliptical confidence regions
caplot3dTridimensional plot of correspondence analysis
CAvariantsSix variants of correspondence analysis
compsonetable.exePolynomial component of inertia in column space
compstable.exePolynomial component of inertia in row and column spaces
docabasicDoubly or two-way ordered correspondence analysis, it implies...
donscabasicDoubly or two-way ordered non symmetrical correspondence...
emerson.polyOrthogonal polynomials
nscabasicNon symmetrical two-way correspondence analysis
nscaellipseAlgebraic elliptical confidence regions in non symmetrical...
plot.CAvariantsMain plot function
plotoneSecondary plot function
print.CAvariantsMain printing function
printwithaxesSecondary printing function
shopdataMTwo-way contingency table
socabasicSingly or one-way ordered correspondence analysis, it implies...
sonscabasicSingly or one-way ordered non symmetrical correspondence...
summary.CAvariantsSummary of results of CA variants analysis
trendplotTrends of matrix rows and columns
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