compstable.exe: Polynomial component of inertia in row and column spaces

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This function allows the analyst to compute the contribution of the polynomial components to the inertia (chi-squared or tau). The ordered variable should be the both row and column variables that are transformed by polynomials. The polynomial components are the row and column polynomial components. The given input matrix is the Z matrix of generalised correlations from the bivariate moment decomposition. It is called by CAvariants when catype="DOCA" or catype = "DONSCA".





The matrix of generalised correlations between the polynomial axes.


The value returned is the matrix


The matrix of the polynomial component of inertia.


This function belongs to the R object class called cacorporateplus.


Rosaria Lombardo and Eric J. Beh


Beh EJ and Lombardo R 2014 Correspondence Analysis: Theory, Practice and New Strategies. John Wiley & Sons. Lombardo R Beh EJ Variants of Simple Correspondence Analysis. The R Journal (accepted).

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