CDF.PSIdekick: Evaluate Differentially Private Algorithms for Publishing Cumulative Distribution Functions

Designed by and for the community of differential privacy algorithm developers. It can be used to empirically evaluate and visualize Cumulative Distribution Functions incorporating noise that satisfies differential privacy, with numerous options made to streamline collection of utility measurements across variations of key parameters, such as epsilon, domain size, sample size, data shape, etc. Developed by researchers at Harvard PSI.

AuthorDaniel Muise [aut,cre], Kobbi Nissim [aut], Georgios Kellaris [aut]
Date of publication2016-08-19 19:41:43
MaintainerDaniel Muise <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Abbrev: Tranforms long numbers into short strings.

badCDF: Make a straight-line faux CDF.

CDFtest: Comprehensively evaluate and visualize the utility of...

CDFtestTrack: Test a single CDF implementation with one set of parameters.

CDFtestTrackx: Test a single CDF implementation with one set of parameters.

DerivDiff: Determine how well a single DPCDF matches the shape of its...

diffat25: Determine the distance between CDFs at the .25 quantile.

diffat75: Determine the distance between CDFs at the .75 quantile.

diffatMedian: Determine the distance between CDFs at the median.

diffatQuantile: Determine the distance between CDFs at key quantiles.

dpCDFtesting-package: Comprehensively evaluate and visualize the output of...

findMaxError: Locate where the maximum error occurs between two CDFs

functionH: Create a DP-CDF by creating a K-degree noisy tree

functionHmono: Create a monotonically increasing DP-CDF by creating a...

functionS2: Build dpCDFs through Histogram smoothing and minimized...

functionSUB: Build dpCDFs through use of a noisy tree with bin merging.

getMaxError: Determine an approximate CDF's maximum error.

getMean: Calculate the private mean from the DP-CDF

horzdiffat25: Determine the distance between the .25 quantile values...

horzdiffat75: Determine the distance between the .75 quantile values...

horzdiffatMed: Determine the distance between the median values returned by...

horzdiffatQuantile: Determine the distance between the quantile values returned...

KurtDiffpdf: Error in Kurtosis from CDF (under development)

L1empiric: Calculate the area between two CDFs.

L2empiric: Calculate the empirical L2norm between two CDFs.

MAE: Calculate the MAE of a dpCDF relative to that of the...

MaxErrorAt_CDF: Locate where the maximum error occurs between two CDFs

MaxErrorAt_PDF: Locate where the maximum error occurs between two PDFs

MaxError_CDF: Determine an approximate CDF's maximum error.

MaxError_PDF: Determine an approximate PDF's maximum error.

MeanDiffpdf: Error in mean from CDF

Medians: Retrieve a median estimate from the dpCDF

ModeDiffpdf: Error in Mode from CDF

MovetoRange: Clamp a value to a specified range.

MSE: Calculate the MSE of a DP-CDF relative to the non-private...

MSEanalytic: Determine the expected MSE of a simple DPCDF from its...

nodes: Node parser.

QuantileFromCDF: Retrieve a private quantile estimate from the dpCDF

SDempiric: Calculate the std. dev. on a DPCDF.

SkewDiffpdf: Error in Skewness from CDF (under development)

Smooth: Monotonicity enforcement

smoothVector2: Enforce monotnocity on a vector.

StdDiffpdf: Error in Standard Deviation from CDF

TreeCDF: Creates a Tree then a CDF

VarDiffpdf: Error in Variance from CDF


Abbrev Man page
badCDF Man page
CDFtest Man page
CDFtestTrack Man page
CDFtestTrackx Man page
DerivDiff Man page
diffat25 Man page
diffat75 Man page
diffatMedian Man page
diffatQuantile Man page
dpCDFtesting Man page
dpCDFtesting-package Man page
findMaxError Man page
functionH Man page
functionHmono Man page
functionS2 Man page
functionSUB Man page
getMaxError Man page
getMean Man page
horzdiffat25 Man page
horzdiffat75 Man page
horzdiffatMed Man page
horzdiffatQuantile Man page
KurtDiffpdf Man page
L1empiric Man page
L2empiric Man page
MAE Man page
MaxErrorAt_CDF Man page
MaxErrorAt_PDF Man page
MaxError_CDF Man page
MaxError_PDF Man page
MeanDiffpdf Man page
Medians Man page
ModeDiffpdf Man page
MovetoRange Man page
MSE Man page
MSEanalytic Man page
nodes Man page
QuantileFromCDF Man page
SDempiric Man page
SkewDiffpdf Man page
Smooth Man page
smoothVector2 Man page
StdDiffpdf Man page
TreeCDF Man page
VarDiffpdf Man page


CDF.PSIdekick/R/FunctionFramework.R CDF.PSIdekick/R/RcppExports.R CDF.PSIdekick/R/CDFtestingSuite.R
CDF.PSIdekick/man/Abbrev.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MaxErrorAt_PDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MSE.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/functionSUB.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/KurtDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/TreeCDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/getMean.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/L1empiric.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MaxErrorAt_CDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/ModeDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/functionH.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/CDFtestTrackx.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/diffatQuantile.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/VarDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/QuantileFromCDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/diffat75.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/DerivDiff.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MaxError_CDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/diffatMedian.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/CDFtestTrack.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/SDempiric.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/StdDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/badCDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/Medians.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/horzdiffat75.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/horzdiffat25.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MAE.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/horzdiffatMed.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MeanDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MovetoRange.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/functionS2.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/nodes.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/L2empiric.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/SkewDiffpdf.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/diffat25.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/functionHmono.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/horzdiffatQuantile.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/getMaxError.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/findMaxError.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/Smooth.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/dpCDFtesting-package.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/smoothVector2.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MSEanalytic.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/MaxError_PDF.Rd CDF.PSIdekick/man/CDFtest.Rd

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