Man pages for CHNOSZ
Thermodynamic Calculations and Diagrams for Geochemistry

add.obigtFunctions to Work with the Thermodynamic Database
add.proteinAmino Acid Compositions of Proteins
affinityChemical Affinities of Formation Reactions
basisDefine Basis Species
bermanThermodynamic Properties of Minerals
bufferCalculating Buffered Chemical Activities
CHNOSZ-packageThermodynamic Calculations and Diagrams for Geochemistry
DEWDeep Earth Water (DEW) Model
diagramChemical Activity Diagrams
eosEquations of State
EOSregressRegress Equations-of-State Parameters for Aqueous Species
eqdataRead data from an EQ6 output file
equilibrateEquilibrium Chemical Activities of Species
examplesRun Examples from the Documentation
extdataExtra Data
finditGridded Search to Optimize Objective Functions
IAPWS95Properties of Water from IAPWS-95
infoSearch the Thermodynamic Database
ionize.aaProperties of Ionization of Proteins
makeupParse Chemical Formulas
mosaicChemical Affinities with Changing Basis Species
NaClSimple NaCl-Water Solution
nonidealActivity Coefficients of Aqueous Species
objectiveObjective Functions
palplyConditional Parallel Processing
proteinExamples of Calculations for Proteins
protein.infoSummaries of Thermodynamic Properties of Proteins
retrieveRetrieve Species by Element
revisitPlots and Optima of Objective Functions
solubilityEquilibrium Chemical Activities of Species
speciesSpecies of Interest
subcrtProperties of Species and Reactions
swap.basisSwap Basis Species
taxonomyExtract Data from NCBI Taxonomy Files
thermoThermodynamic Database and System Settings
util.arrayFunctions to Work with Multidimensional Arrays
util.blastFunctions to Work with BLAST Output Files
util.dataFunctions for Checking Thermodynamic Data
util.expressionFunctions to Express Chemical Formulas and Properties
util.fastaFunctions for Reading FASTA Files and Downloading from...
util.formulaFunctions to Work with Chemical Formulas
util.legendFunctions to Make Legend Text
util.listFunctions to Work with Lists
util.matrixFunctions for Various Matrix Operations
util.miscFunctions for Miscellaneous Tasks
util.plotFunctions to Create and Modify Plots
util.proteinFunctions for Proteins (Other Calculations)
util.seqFunctions to Work with Sequence Data
util.testFunctions for Writing Tests
util.unitsFunctions to Convert Units
util.waterFunctions for Properties of Water and Steam
waterProperties of Water
wjdGibbs Energy Minimization by Steepest Descent
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