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Data sets included with the CIDnetworks package.




Lazega: A list including six sociomatrices (three directed, three symmetrized) and one attributes matrix for the nodes.

c.elegans: An symmetric valued “sociomatrix” for the number of connections between neurons.

dolphins: A symmetric sociomatrix.

prison: (Thanks to UCINET) In the 1950s John Gagnon collected sociometric choice data from 67 prison inmates. All were asked, "What fellows on the tier are you closest friends with?" Each was free to choose as few or as many "friends" as he desired.

Advice: A set of teacher advice networks from 15 different schools. Also includes edge.covariates which are covariates for each edge and SR.covariates, which are covariates for each node.


A.C. Thomas <[email protected]>


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