Man pages for CLME
Constrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models

AIC.clmeAkaike information criterion
as.clmeConstructor method for objects S3 class clme
BIC.clmeBayesian information criterion
clmeConstrained Inference for Linear Mixed Effects Models
clme_emConstrained EM algorithm for linear fixed or mixed effects...
CLME-packageConstrained inference for linear mixed models.
clme_residsComputes various types of residuals
confintIndividual confidence intervals
create.constraintsGenerate common order constraints
fibroidFibroid Growth Study
fixef.clmeExtract fixed effects
formula.clmeExtract formula
lrt.statLikelihood ratio type statistic (global)
minqueMINQUE Algorithm
model.matrix.clmeExtract the model design matrix.
model_terms_clmeCreate model matrices for 'clme'
nobs.clmeNumber of observations
plot.clmeS3 method to plot objects of class 'clme'
plot.summary.clmeS3 method to plot objects of class 'clme'
print.clmePrintout of fitted object.
print.summary.clmeS3 method to print a summary for objects of class 'clme'
print.varcorr_clmePrintout for variance components
ranefExtract random effects
ranef.clmeExtract random effects
rat.bloodExperiment on mice
resid_bootObtain Residual Bootstrap
residuals.clmeVarious types of residuals
shiny_clmeShiny GUI for CLME
sigma.clmeResidual variance components
sigma.summary.clmeResidual variance components
summary.clmeProduce summary values for objects of class 'clme'
VarCorrVariance components
vcov.clmeVariance-covariance matrix
w.statWilliams' Type Test Statistic.
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