Man pages for COINr
Composite Indicator Construction and Analysis

aggregateAggregate indicators
ASEMAggMetaASEM aggregate metadata
ASEMIndDataASEM raw indicator data
ASEMIndMetaASEM indicator metadata
assembleBuild COIN object
BoxCoxBox Cox transformation
build_ASEMBuilds ASEM example
checkDataDetailed unit data check and screener by data availability
coin2ExcelWrite a COIN to Excel
COINToolInImport data directly from COIN Tool
coin_winWinsorisation helper function
colourTableConditionally formatted table
compareDFCompare two data frames
compTableRank comparison table between two COINs
compTableMultiRank tables between multiple COINs
copelandCopeland scores
corrweightscatScatter plot of correlations against weights
denominateDenominate indicator data sets
effectiveWeightEffective weights
extractYearImpute panel data
geoMeanWeighted geometric mean
geoMean_rescaledRescaled weighted geometric mean
getCorrGet different types of correlation matrices
getCronbachCronbach's alpha
getInGet subsets of indicator data
getPCAPerform PCA on a COIN
getResultsResults summary tables
getStatsGet table of indicator statistics for any data set
getStrengthNWeakGenerate strengths and weaknesses for a specified unit
getUnitReportGenerate unit report
getUnitSummaryGenerate unit summary table
harMeanWeighted harmonic mean
hicorrSPHighly correlated indicators in the same aggregation group
imputeImpute missing data
indChangeAdd and remove indicators
indDashIndicator visualisation dashboard
iplotBarBar chart
iplotCorrCorrelation heatmap
iplotIndDistInteractive indicator distribution plots
iplotIndDist2Interactive indicator distribution plots for two indicators...
iplotMapChoropleth map
iplotRadarRadar chart
iplotTableResults table
is.COINCheck if an object is a COIN
loggishLog-type transformation of a vector
names2CodesGenerate short codes from long names
noisyWeightsNoisy replications of weights
normaliseNormalise indicator data sets
outrankMatrixOutranking matrix
plotCorrStatic heatmaps of correlation matrices
plotframeworkInteractive sunburst plot of index structure
plotIndDistStatic indicator distribution plots
plotIndDotDot plots of single indicator with highlighting
plotSAPlot sensitivity indices
plotSARanksPlot ranks from an uncertainty/sensitivity analysis
print.COINPrint COIN
rankDFConvert a data frame to ranks
regenRegenerate COIN object
removeElementsCheck the effect of removing indicators or aggregates
replaceDFReplace multiple values in a data frame
resultsDashResults visualisation dashboard
rew8rRe-weight indicators
roundDFRound down a data frame
SA_estimateEstimate sensitivity indices
SA_sampleGenerate sample for sensitivity analysis
sensitivitySensitivity analysis
treatTreatment of outliers
weightOptWeight optimisation
weights2corrRecalculate correlations and ranks based on new weights
WorldDenomsWorld denomination data
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