Man pages for CVD
Color Vision Deficiencies

approx.scotopic.luminance.LarsonEtAl.RGBApproximation of the scotopic luminance
attenuationNumberOfEyesAttenuation as a function of number of eyes
B20Farnsworth B-20 cap colors
BowmanTCDSTable of color distance scores for quantitative scoring of...
calculateCircleGenerate points from a circle
calculateTEStotal error score (TES) using Farnsworth's or Kinnear's...
Color.Vision.c2gDecolorize an image using the c2g algorithm
Color.Vision.DaltonizeDaltonize images
Color.Vision.SimulateSimulate CVDs on images
Color.Vision.VingrysAndKingSmithScoring the results of the "D-15", "D-15DS" or "FM1OO-Hue"...
createPNGbuttonsCreates PNG files to be used as colored caps (buttons)
CVD-internalInternal CVD functions
D15FoutchQuantitatively analyzes of D15 color panel tests
decolorizeDecolorize algorithm from Mark Grundland and Neil A. Dodgson
dichromaticCopunctalPointsCopunctal points derived by Smith and Pokorny (1975)
effectiveCornealFluxDensityEffective Corneal Flux Density
effectivePupilAreaEffective area of the illuminated pupil
example1Lanthony1978Example of cap arrangements for the D-15d test,...
example2Lanthony1978Example of cap arrangements for the D-15d test, Central...
exampleBowman1982Example of cap arrangements for the D-15d test
exampleFarnsworth1974Example of cap arrangements for the D-15 test,...
exampleFM100Example of cap arrangements for the FM-100 test
exampleNRC1981Example of cap arrangements for the D-15 test,...
exampleSimunovic2004Example of cap arrangements for the D-15 test,...
FarnsworthD15Farnsworth D-15 cap colors
FarnsworthMunsell100HueFarnsworth D-15 cap colors
GellerTCDSTable of color distance scores for quantitative scoring of...
greyscale.avgGreyscale algorithms
H16Farnsworth H-16 cap colors
illuminance2trolandConvert from luminance to troland and effective troland
interpretation.VingrysAndKingSmithAutomatic interpretation of test scores
LanthonyD15Farnsworth H-16 cap colors
lightAdaptedPupilSize.Bartenpupil diameter ranges from Barten, L. (1999)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.BlackieAndHowlandpupil diameter ranges from Blackie, C. A., & Howland, H. C....
lightAdaptedPupilSize.Crawfordpupil diameter ranges from Crawford, L. (1936)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.DeGrootAndGebhardpupil diameter ranges from DeGrootAndGebhard, L. (1952)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.Holladaypupil diameter ranges from Holladay, L. (1926)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.LeGrandpupil diameter ranges from Le Grand (1992)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.MoonAndSpencerpupil diameter ranges from MoonAndSpencer, L. (1944)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.StanleyAndDaviespupil diameter ranges from StanleyAndDavies, L. (1995)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.WatsonAndYellottpupil diameter ranges from Watson A. B., Yellott J. I. (2012)
lightAdaptedPupilSize.WinnEtAlpupil diameter ranges from Winn et al (1995)
loadPNGLoad a PNG file
neutralPointNeutral points for CIE 1976 uv, CIE 1931 xy and CIE 1960 uv
plotConfusionVectorsPlot confusion vectors for CIE 1976 uv, CIE 1931 xy and CIE...
Roth28Roth-28 cap colors
scoreD15GraphicGraphical score for the D-15 tests
scoreD15TCDSTotal Color Difference Score (TCDS) for the D-15 tests
scoreFM100GraphicGraphical score for the D-15 tests
scoreRoth28GraphicGraphical score for the D-15 tests
showDuplicatedShow missing and duplicated cap numbers
typicalD15Typical cap arrangements for the D-15 tests
vectorPNGbuttonsVector of PNG files representing colored caps (buttons)
VKSgraphicGraphical score for the D-15 tests
VKStable2Table with results of D-15 tests scored with the Vingrys and...
XYZ2scotopic.RawtranApproximation of the scotopic luminance
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