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Datasetsfor Categorical Data Analysis by Agresti

exercise_13.17Clinical Trials Data Set for Exercise 13.17
exercise_14.15Data for Exercise 14.15 on Buchanan Vote in 2000
exercise_4.13Ray Allen Data Set for Exercise 4.13
exercise_5.22Data on Italian Credit Cards, for Exercise 5.22
exercise_5.3Rajon Rondo Assists Data Set for Exercise 5.3
exercise_6.20Data on Incontinence Study, for Exercise 6.20
exercise_6.28Data Set for Exercise 6.28
exercise_6.3Data Set for Exercises 6.3 and 9.13
exercise_6.7Data Set for Exercise 6.7
exercise_8.18Data for Exercise 8.18 on Dumping Severity
exercise_8.28Data for Exercise 8.28 on Satisfaction with Housing
exercise_9.5Government Spending Data Set for Exercise 9.5
section_13.4.4Data for Example in Section 13.4.4 on Cluster Sampling
table_10.1Alcohol, Cigarette, and Marijuana Use, by Gender and Race, as...
table_10.3Opinions About Birth Control and Premarital Sex Data Set of...
table_11.5Migration Data Set of Table 11.5
table_12.1Depression Data Set of Table 12.1 in Case Form
table_12.3Insomnia Data Set of Table 12.3
table_13.2Presidential Election Poll Data Set of Table 13.2
table_13.3Attitudes About Abortion Data Set of Table 13.3
table_13.8Attitudes Toward Leading Crowd Data Set of Table 13.8
table_15.5Election Data Set of Table 15.5 (1 = Dem, 0 = Rep)
table_15.6Grounds for Divorce Data Set of Table 15.6 for Exercise 15.10
table_4.3Horseshoe Crab Data Set of Table 4.3
table_4.7Teratology Study Data Set of Table 4.7
table_6.15Data on Surgery and Sore Throats in Table 6.15, for Exercise...
table_6.9Clinical Trials Data Set of Table 6.9
table_7.2Full Data Set for Table 7.2 on Endometrial Cancer Grade
table_8.1Alligator Food Choice Data Set of Table 8.1
table_8.5Full Data Set for Table 8.5 on Happiness, Traumatic Events,...
table_9.3High School Student Survey Data Set of Table 9.3
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