CatPredi-package: Categorisation of Continuous Predictor Variables in...

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Allows the user to categorise a continuous predictor variable in a logistic or a Cox proportional hazards regression setting, by maximising the discriminative ability of the model. The categorisation can be done either in a univariate or a multivariate setting.


Irantzu Barrio, Maria Xose Rodriguez-Alvarez and Inmaculada Arostegui

Maintainer: Irantzu Barrio <>


I Barrio, I Arostegui, M.X Rodriguez-Alvarez and J.M Quintana (2015). A new approach to categorising continuous variables in prediction models: proposal and validation. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, in press.

I Barrio, M.X Rodriguez-Alvarez, L Meira-Machado, C Esteban and I Arostegui (2017). Comparison of two discrimination indexes in the categorisation of continuous predictors in time-to-event studies. SORT, 41:73-92

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