Man pages for ChocoLattes
Processing Data from Lattes CV Files

capitalize_authorsCapitalize author names
capitalize_titlesCapitalize titles
extract_qualisExtract QUALIS information
get_accepted_papersExtract accepted journal papers
get_advised_dissertationsExtract advised MSc dissertations
get_advised_thesesExtract advised PhD theses
get_authorsExtract author names
get_book_chaptersExtract published book chapters
get_booksExtract published books
get_conference_papersExtract published conference papers
get_journal_papersExtract published journal papers
lattes_to_listConvert a set of Lattes CV XML files to a list object
make_name_surnamePut author names in "Name Surname" format
make_productions_pageGenerate HTML page with productions list and summary chart
plot_chartPlot summary chart
print_acceptedPrint accepted papers
print_book_chaptersPrint book chapters
print_booksPrint books
print_conferencesPrint conference papers
print_journal_papersPrint journal papers
print_msc_thesesPrint MSc theses
print_phd_thesesPrint PhD theses
remove_duplicatesFunction to remove duplicated entries
sort_papersSort publications by year
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