CircStats: Circular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001)

Circular Statistics, from "Topics in circular Statistics" (2001) S. Rao Jammalamadaka and A. SenGupta, World Scientific.

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Man pages

A1: Ratio of First and Zeroth Order Bessel Functions

A1inv: Inverse of A1 Change Point Test

circ.cor: Correlation Coefficient for Angular Variables

circ.disp: Circular Dispersion

circ.mean: Mean Direction

circ.plot: Circular Data Plot

circ.range: Circular Range

circ.reg: Circular-Circular Regression

circ.summary: Circular Summary Statistics

dcard: Cardioid Density Function

deg: Degrees

dmixedvm: Mixture of von Mises Distributions

dtri: Triangular Density Function

dvm: von Mises Density Function

dwrpcauchy: Wrapped Cauchy Density Function

dwrpnorm: Wrapped Normal Density Function

est.kappa: Estimate Kappa

est.rho: Mean Resultant Length

I.0: Zeroth Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

I.1: First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

I.p: P-th Order Bessel Function of the First Kind

kuiper: Kuiper's Test

plot.edf: Plot Empirical Distribution Function

pp.plot: von Mises Probability-Probability Plot

pvm: Cummulative Probability for the von Mises Distribution

rad: Radians

rao.homogeneity: Rao's Tests for Homogeneity

rao.spacing: Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity

rao.table: Table for Rao spacing function

rcard: Random Generation from the Cardoid Distribution

rmixedvm: Random Generation from the Mixed von Mises Distribution

rose.diag: Rose Diagram

rstable: Random Generator for Stable Family of Distributions

r.test: Rayleigh Test of Uniformity: General Unimodal Alternative

rtri: Random Generation from the Triangular Distribution

rvm: Random Generation from the von Mises Distribution

rwrpcauchy: Random Generation from the Wrapped Cauchy Distribution

rwrpnorm: Random Generation from the Wrapped Normal Distribution

rwrpstab: Random Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution

trig.moment: Trigonometric Moments

v0.test: Rayleigh Test of Uniformity: Alternative with Specified Mean... Bootstrap Confidence Intervals von Mises Maximum Likelihood Estimates

watson: Watson's Test

watson.two: Watson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity Wrapped Cauchy Maximum Likelihood Estimates

Files in this package

CircStats/man/circ.plot.Rd CircStats/man/circ.summary.Rd CircStats/man/rao.spacing.Rd CircStats/man/dmixedvm.Rd CircStats/man/rwrpnorm.Rd CircStats/man/est.rho.Rd CircStats/man/circ.disp.Rd CircStats/man/rtri.Rd CircStats/man/trig.moment.Rd CircStats/man/I.0.Rd CircStats/man/watson.two.Rd CircStats/man/circ.reg.Rd CircStats/man/rmixedvm.Rd CircStats/man/A1.Rd CircStats/man/rose.diag.Rd CircStats/man/rcard.Rd CircStats/man/rwrpcauchy.Rd CircStats/man/ CircStats/man/rad.Rd CircStats/man/r.test.Rd CircStats/man/circ.range.Rd CircStats/man/ CircStats/man/dcard.Rd CircStats/man/rao.table.Rd CircStats/man/I.p.Rd CircStats/man/pvm.Rd CircStats/man/I.1.Rd CircStats/man/v0.test.Rd CircStats/man/ CircStats/man/rvm.Rd CircStats/man/A1inv.Rd CircStats/man/est.kappa.Rd CircStats/man/rwrpstab.Rd CircStats/man/dtri.Rd CircStats/man/dwrpnorm.Rd CircStats/man/rao.homogeneity.Rd CircStats/man/plot.edf.Rd CircStats/man/dwrpcauchy.Rd CircStats/man/pp.plot.Rd CircStats/man/dvm.Rd CircStats/man/circ.cor.Rd CircStats/man/kuiper.Rd CircStats/man/deg.Rd CircStats/man/rstable.Rd CircStats/man/ CircStats/man/watson.Rd CircStats/man/circ.mean.Rd

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