Man pages for CircStats
Circular Statistics, from "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001)

A1Ratio of First and Zeroth Order Bessel Functions
A1invInverse of A1
change.ptChange Point Test
circ.corCorrelation Coefficient for Angular Variables
circ.dispCircular Dispersion
circ.meanMean Direction
circ.plotCircular Data Plot
circ.rangeCircular Range
circ.regCircular-Circular Regression
circ.summaryCircular Summary Statistics
dcardCardioid Density Function
dmixedvmMixture of von Mises Distributions
dtriTriangular Density Function
dvmvon Mises Density Function
dwrpcauchyWrapped Cauchy Density Function
dwrpnormWrapped Normal Density Function
est.kappaEstimate Kappa
est.rhoMean Resultant Length
I.0Zeroth Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
I.1First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
I.pP-th Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
kuiperKuiper's Test
plotedfPlot Empirical Distribution Function
pp.plotvon Mises Probability-Probability Plot
pvmCummulative Probability for the von Mises Distribution
rao.homogeneityRao's Tests for Homogeneity
rao.spacingRao's Spacing Test of Uniformity
rao.tableTable for Rao spacing function
rcardRandom Generation from the Cardoid Distribution
rmixedvmRandom Generation from the Mixed von Mises Distribution
rose.diagRose Diagram
rstableRandom Generator for Stable Family of Distributions
r.testRayleigh Test of Uniformity: General Unimodal Alternative
rtriRandom Generation from the Triangular Distribution
rvmRandom Generation from the von Mises Distribution
rwrpcauchyRandom Generation from the Wrapped Cauchy Distribution
rwrpnormRandom Generation from the Wrapped Normal Distribution
rwrpstabRandom Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution
trig.momentTrigonometric Moments
v0.testRayleigh Test of Uniformity: Alternative with Specified Mean...
vm.bootstrap.ciBootstrap Confidence Intervals
vm.mlvon Mises Maximum Likelihood Estimates
watsonWatson's Test
watson.twoWatson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity
wrpcauchy.mlWrapped Cauchy Maximum Likelihood Estimates
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