Man pages for Ckmeans.1d.dp
Optimal and Fast Univariate Clustering

ahistAdaptive Histograms
Ckmeans.1d.dpOptimal and Fast Univariate Clustering
Ckmeans.1d.dp-packageOptimal and Fast Univariate Clustering
Cksegs.1d.dpOptimal Univariate Segmentation
plotBICPlot Bayesian Information Criterion as a Function of Number...
plot.Ckmeans.1d.dpPlot Optimal Univariate Clustering Results
plot.Cksegs.1d.dpPlot Optimal Univariate Segmentation Results
print.Ckmeans.1d.dpPrint Optimal Univariate Clustering Results
print.Cksegs.1d.dpPrint Optimal Univariate Segmentation Results
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