Man pages for ClustBlock
Clustering of Datasets

catatisPerform the CATATIS method on different blocks of binary data...
change_cata_formatChange format of CATA datasets to perform CATATIS or CLUSCATA...
chocchocolates data
cluscataPerform a cluster analysis of blocks of binary variables from...
cluscata_kmeansCompute the CLUSCATA partitionning algorithm on different...
clustatisPerform a cluster analysis of blocks of quantitative...
clustatis_FreeSortPerform a cluster analysis of free sorting data
clustatis_kmeansCompute the CLUSTATIS partitionning algorithm on different...
plot.catatisDisplays the CATATIS graphs
plot.cluscataDisplays the CLUSCATA graphs
plot.clustatisDisplays the CLUSTATIS graphs
plot.statisDisplays the STATIS graphs
preprocess_FreeSortPreprocessing for Free Sorting Data
print.catatisPrint the CATATIS results
print.cluscataPrint the CLUSCATA results
print.clustatisPrint the CLUSTATIS results
print.statisPrint the STATIS results
smoosmoothies data
statisPerforms the STATIS method on different blocks of...
statis_FreeSortPerforms the STATIS method on Free Sorting data
strawstrawberries data
summary.catatisShow the CATATIS results
summary.cluscataShow the CLUSCATA results
summary.clustatisShow the CLUSTATIS results
summary.statisShow the STATIS results
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