Man pages for ClustVarLV
Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables

apples_shapples from southern hemisphere data set
AUPA_psychoPsychological eating behavior data set
authen_NMRAuthentication data set/ NMR spectra
block.scaleScaling of a three-way array
boot_clvBoostrapping for assessing the stability of a CLV result
cidersciders data
CLVHierarchical clustering of variables with consolidation
CLV3WHierarchical clustering of variables (associated with mode 2...
CLV3W_kmeansPartitioning algorithm of a set of variables (associated with...
CLV_kmeansK-means algorithm for the clustering of variables
coffeecoffee data
data_biplotbiplot for the dataset
get_complatent components associated with each cluster
get_loadingLoadings of the variables on the latent component, in each...
get_partitionclusters memberships for a partition into K clusters.
get_weightWeights of the external variables, or additional mode, on the...
imput_clvImputation of a data matrix based on CLV results
LCLVL-CLV for L-shaped data
lm_CLVlinear model based on CLV
plot.clvGraphical representation of the CLV clustering stages
plot.clv3wGraphical representation of the CLV3W hierarchical clustering...
plot.lclvGraphical representation of the LCLV clustering stages
plot_varRepresentation of the variables and their group membership
plot_var.clv3wScores plot from a Candecomp Parafac analysis. The group...
predict.lmclvprediction for lmCLV models.
print.clvPrint the CLV results
print.clv3wPrint the CLV3W results
print.lclvPrint the LCLV results
stand_qualiStandardization of the qualitative variables
summary.clvsummary and description of the clusters of variables
summary.clv3wSummary and description of the clusters of (mode 2) variables...
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