ClusterR: Gaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans and K-Medoids Clustering

Gaussian mixture models, k-means, mini-batch-kmeans and k-medoids clustering with the option to plot, validate, predict (new data) and estimate the optimal number of clusters. The package takes advantage of 'RcppArmadillo' to speed up the computationally intensive parts of the functions.

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AuthorLampros Mouselimis <>
Date of publication2017-02-11 10:26:36
MaintainerLampros Mouselimis <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

center_scale: Function to scale and/or center the data

Clara_Medoids: Clustering large applications

Cluster_Medoids: Partitioning around medoids

dietary_survey_IBS: Synthetic data using a dietary survey of patients with...

distance_matrix: Distance matrix calculation

entropy_formula: entropy formula (used in external_validation function)

external_validation: external clustering validation

function_interactive: Interactive function for consecutive plots ( using...

GMM: Gaussian Mixture Model clustering

KMeans_arma: k-means using the Armadillo library

KMeans_rcpp: k-means using RcppArmadillo

MiniBatchKmeans: Mini-batch-k-means using RcppArmadillo

mushroom: The mushroom data

Optimal_Clusters_GMM: Optimal number of Clusters for the gaussian mixture models

Optimal_Clusters_KMeans: Optimal number of Clusters for k-means

Optimal_Clusters_Medoids: Optimal number of Clusters for the partitioning around...

plot_2d: 2-dimensional plots

predict_GMM: Prediction function for a Gaussian Mixture Model object

predict_KMeans: Prediction function for the k-means

predict_MBatchKMeans: Prediction function for Mini-Batch-k-means

predict_Medoids: Predictions for the Medoid functions

Silhouette_Dissimilarity_Plot: Plot of silhouette widths or dissimilarities

soybean: The soybean (large) data set from the UCI repository

tryCatch_GMM: tryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors

tryCatch_KMEANS_arma: tryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors in KMEANS_arma

tryCatch_optimal_clust_GMM: tryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors in...


center_scale Man page
Clara_Medoids Man page
Cluster_Medoids Man page
dietary_survey_IBS Man page
distance_matrix Man page
entropy_formula Man page
external_validation Man page
function_interactive Man page
GMM Man page
KMeans_arma Man page
KMeans_rcpp Man page
MiniBatchKmeans Man page
mushroom Man page
Optimal_Clusters_GMM Man page
Optimal_Clusters_KMeans Man page
Optimal_Clusters_Medoids Man page
plot_2d Man page
predict_GMM Man page
predict_KMeans Man page
predict_MBatchKMeans Man page
predict_Medoids Man page
Silhouette_Dissimilarity_Plot Man page
soybean Man page
tryCatch_GMM Man page
tryCatch_KMEANS_arma Man page
tryCatch_optimal_clust_GMM Man page

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