Man pages for ClusterR
Gaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans, K-Medoids and Affinity Propagation Clustering

AP_affinity_propagationAffinity propagation clustering
AP_preferenceRangeAffinity propagation preference range
center_scaleFunction to scale and/or center the data
Clara_MedoidsClustering large applications
Cluster_MedoidsPartitioning around medoids
cost_clusters_from_dissim_medoidsCompute the cost and clusters based on an input dissimilarity...
dietary_survey_IBSSynthetic data using a dietary survey of patients with...
distance_matrixDistance matrix calculation
entropy_formulaentropy formula (used in external_validation function)
external_validationexternal clustering validation
function_interactiveInteractive function for consecutive plots ( using...
GMMGaussian Mixture Model clustering
KMeans_armak-means using the Armadillo library
KMeans_rcppk-means using RcppArmadillo
MiniBatchKmeansMini-batch-k-means using RcppArmadillo
mushroomThe mushroom data
Optimal_Clusters_GMMOptimal number of Clusters for the gaussian mixture models
Optimal_Clusters_KMeansOptimal number of Clusters for Kmeans or Mini-Batch-Kmeans
Optimal_Clusters_MedoidsOptimal number of Clusters for the partitioning around...
plot_2d2-dimensional plots
predict_GMMPrediction function for a Gaussian Mixture Model object
predict_KMeansPrediction function for the k-means
predict_MBatchKMeansPrediction function for Mini-Batch-k-means
predict_MedoidsPredictions for the Medoid functions
Silhouette_Dissimilarity_PlotPlot of silhouette widths or dissimilarities
silhouette_of_clustersSilhouette width based on pre-computed clusters
soybeanThe soybean (large) data set from the UCI repository
tryCatch_GMMtryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors
tryCatch_KMEANS_armatryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors in KMEANS_arma
tryCatch_optimal_clust_GMMtryCatch function to prevent armadillo errors in...
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