Man pages for CombMSC
Combined Model Selection Criteria

Adj.RsqAdjusted R-Squared
BICAkaike Information Criterion
CombMSC-packageCombined Model Selection Criteria
compareCompare 2 msc objects
CpMallows Cp
fit.ModelsGeneric model fitting
gen.DataSimulate Data Sets
gen.ParamsSimulate parameters
holdout.SSHoldout Sample Prediction Errors
make.Model.List.RegMake Model Lists
num.TermsNumber of terms (parameters) in a model
plot.mscDisplay an msc object
print.mscDefault print method for an msc object
print.summary.mscDefault print method for a summary of an msc object
print.tsmDefault print method for a tsm object
sarima.SimSimulate from a specified SARIMA model
sgnfSignificance of an msc object
splitTrainTestSplit a time series into training and testing sets
subsetsGenerate all the combinations of k out of n elements
TMCCompare model selection criteria
weight.Only.NWeight Only Models of Size N
weightsGivenSizeGenerate weight vector based on prior on model size
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