plot.msc: Display an msc object

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Provides several options for displaying the output of TMC.


## S3 method for class 'msc'
plot(x, sumfun.Index = "def", fancy = FALSE, grayscale = FALSE, draw.Grid = TRUE, ...)



An msc object, outputted by TMC.


This is the index number of the summary function you wish to plot. Available summary functions are listed in the summary.Functions component of the msc object.


If TRUE, will generate a 3-D plot (based on package rgl) of the results. Only works if the objects msc.List component is of length exactly 3.


If true, will make the plots grayscale instead of color. Useful for printing. Only effective if fancy is FALSE.


Draws a grid in the background of each Lattice plot. Only effective if fancy is FALSE.


Other graphical parameters.


If, as we recommend, msc.List is of length exactly 3, the plot will display as a function of 2 independent variables. This is because, although there are technically 3 independent variables (the weights of the 3 distinct MSCs,) they are related by the equation weight_1 + weight_2 + weight_3 = 1. Hence the function is defined only on the simplex joining the 3 vectors (0,0,1), (0,1,0), (1,0,0), and so may be viewed as a 2-dimensional set. Thus, in the plot, each corner represents a pure msc, and the interior of the triangle represents the various convex combinations of them in an intuitive way.

For an msc.List of length 4, the plot produces a trellis of plots by conditioning on the weight of the 4th msc. For msc.List length larger than 4, there is no default plotting method available — instead try using summary.msc.


Andrew K. Smith

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