CompR: Paired Comparison Data Analysis

Different tools for describing and analysing paired comparison data are presented. Main methods are estimation of products scores according Bradley Terry Luce model. A segmentation of the individual could be conducted on the basis of a mixture distribution approach. The number of classes can be tested by the use of Monte Carlo simulations. This package deals also with multi-criteria paired comparison data.

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AuthorMichel Semenou
Date of publication2015-07-01 16:06:23
MaintainerMichel Semenou <>

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Man pages

BradleyEstim-class: Class '"BradleyEstim"'

ClassDataPairComp: Create an object of class DataPairComp

ClassifPaired: Classification of paired comparison data

Cocktail: Beverages paired comparison

Cocktail_Cum: Beverages paired comparison

CompR-package: Paired Comparison Data Analysis

C_piBTL: Estimation of Bradley's scores

DataPairComp-class: Class '"DataPairComp"'

DataSimulH0: Simulation of paired comparison data

EstimBradley: Estimation of Bradley's scores in the different classes of...

getCons: Gets the individuals labels.

getCons-methods: Methods for Function 'getCons'

getCrit: Gets the criteria's labels.

getCrit-methods: Methods for Function 'getCrit'

getIc: Gets the Information criteria's labels.

getIc-methods: Methods for Function 'getIc'

getLambda: Gets the weight of the different classes.

getLambda-methods: Methods for Function 'getLambda'

getLvr: Gets the final value of loglikelihood.

getLvriter: Gets the iteration done until convergence of the...

getLvriter-methods: Methods for Function 'getLvriter'

getLvr-methods: Methods for Function 'getLvr'

getPaircomp: Gets the individual paired comparisons.

getPaircomp-methods: Methods for Function 'getPaircomp'

getPi: Gets the Bradley's scores.

getPi-methods: Methods for Function 'getPi'

getProd: Gets the products labels.

getProd-methods: Methods for Function 'getProd'

getRestestglob: Gets the result of the test of Bradley's scores equality.

getRestestglob-methods: Methods for Function 'getRestestglob'

getRestestprod: Gets the result of the Bradley's scores multiple comparison...

getRestestprod-methods: Methods for Function 'getRestestprod'

getSimu: Gets the results of Likelihood Ratio Test.

getSimu-methods: Methods for Function 'getSimu'

getTest: Gets the level and the quantile of Likelihood ratio test.

getTest-methods: Methods for Function 'getTest'

getVarcov: Gets the Bradley'scores covariance matrices.

getVarcov-methods: Methods for Function 'getVarcov'

getZh: Gets the result of the function 'EstimBradley()'

getZh-methods: Methods for Function 'getZh'

ImportData: Import data file

LvrRatio-class: Class '"LvrRatio"'

Piplot: Graphical representation of the Bradley's scores

ResSimulLvrRatio: Log Likelihood Ratio Test for Paired comparison data

show-methods: Methods for Function 'show'


BradleyEstim-class Man page
ClassDataPairComp Man page
ClassifPaired Man page
Cocktail Man page
Cocktail_Cum Man page
CompR Man page
CompR-package Man page
C_piBTL Man page
DataPairComp-class Man page
DataSimulH0 Man page
EstimBradley Man page
getCons Man page
getCons,DataPairComp-method Man page
getCons-methods Man page
getCrit Man page
getCrit,DataPairComp-method Man page
getCrit-methods Man page
getIc Man page
getIc,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getIc-methods Man page
getLambda Man page
getLambda,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getLambda-methods Man page
getLvr Man page
getLvr,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getLvriter Man page
getLvriter,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getLvriter-methods Man page
getLvr-methods Man page
getPaircomp Man page
getPaircomp,DataPairComp-method Man page
getPaircomp-methods Man page
getPi Man page
getPi,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getPi-methods Man page
getProd Man page
getProd,DataPairComp-method Man page
getProd-methods Man page
getRestestglob Man page
getRestestglob,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getRestestglob-methods Man page
getRestestprod Man page
getRestestprod,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getRestestprod-methods Man page
getSimu Man page
getSimu,LvrRatio-method Man page
getSimu-methods Man page
getTest Man page
getTest,LvrRatio-method Man page
getTest-methods Man page
getVarcov Man page
getVarcov,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getVarcov-methods Man page
getZh Man page
getZh,BradleyEstim-method Man page
getZh-methods Man page
ImportData Man page
LvrRatio-class Man page
Piplot Man page
ResSimulLvrRatio Man page
show,BradleyEstim-method Man page
show,DataPairComp-method Man page
show-methods Man page

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