ImportData: Import data file

Description Usage Arguments Value


Import the different paired comparison data files in cvs format and create an object
of class DataPairComp


ImportData(name,labelprod=FALSE,labelconso=NULL, sep =";",dec=".")



part of name of the different data files (.csv files)


indicate the existence of labels of the different products in data files
(default=FALSE) given in the header of each column of the data files.


vector of label of consummers given by the user (default=NULL)


the field separator character. Values on each line of the file are separated by this character.(default=";")


the character used in the file for decimal points.(default=".")


Object of class DataPairComp with the following elements:

Cons : corresponding to the label of consummers (default : Number of consummer)

Crit : names of the different criteria contained in the name of the different data files

Prod : names of the different products (default : number of the product)

Paircomp : list of number of criteria elements each corresponding to the results of paired comparisons performed by the consummers.

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