Man pages for DALY
The DALY Calculator - Graphical User Interface for Probabilistic DALY Calculation in R

aggregate.DALYAggregate method for class 'DALY'
DALYcalculatorDALY Calculator main window
DALY_listMake list of 'DALY' objects
DALYmanualOpen the PDF "*DALY Calculator Manual*"
DALY_NeurocysticercosisExample Dataset 1: Neurocysticercosis in West-Cameroon
DALYoptionsOpen the 'Options' window
DALY-packageThe DALY Calculator - Graphical User Interface for...
DALY_ToxoplasmosisExample Dataset 2: Congenital toxoplasmosis in the...
getDALYInitiate the DALY calculation process
hist.DALYHistogram method for class 'DALY'
plot.DALYPlot method for class 'DALY'
print.DALYPrint method for class 'DALY'
readDALYdataRead in DALY data stored in an .RData image file
resetReset the DALY Calculator
saveDALYdataSave population and epidemiological data to an .RData image...
scatterplotScatterplot method for class 'DALY' and 'DALY_list'
sensitivityDALY sensitivity analysis
setDALYexampleLoad one of the two built-in DALY calculation examples
setDataOpen a data input window
setLifeExpOpen the 'Life Expectancy' window
setPopOpen the 'Population' window
setStdLESet the 'Life Expectancy' table to a standard life expectancy...
summary.DALYSummary method for class 'DALY'
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