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This function opens the main window of the DALY Calculator.

After initiating the DALY Calculator main window, the following steps have to be followed to calculate DALYs:

  1. Set the ‘Population’ table

  2. Set the ‘Life Expectancy’ table - the default is the standard life expectancy table introduced in the GBD2010 study

  3. Set the input parameters and corresponding distributions and stratification levels

  4. Set the age weighting and time discounting rates

  5. Calculate DALYs !

In order to demonstrate the calculation process of the DALY Calculator, two examples from the foodborne disease burden literature are built-in:

In the following sections, a brief summary will be given of the functionalities of the DALY Calculator. A more comprehensive overview is provided in the DALY Calculator manual, which is available through the DALYmanual function.




The DALY Calculator provides the following three menu options:





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See Also

A command-line interface to the DALY Calculator is available through the following functions:

See DALYmanual for a more comprehensive overview of the DALY Calculator

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