NWPrimates_data: Dated phylogenetic tree of the New World Primates in nexus...

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A list with two elements.
. phy is a dated molecular phylogeny for 94 species of New World Primates extracted from the maximum likelihood tree (AUTOsoft dated) of Springer et al. (2012). 1 time unit = 100 million years.
pa is the presence-absence matrix of NW Primates in Manu from Solari et al. (2006). The first column indicate the species tip labels and the second column indicates presence (1) and absence (0).




A list with two elements. The first element (phy) is the primate phylogeny in nexus format. The second element (pa) is the presence-absence matrix with 94 rows and 2 columns.


Solari, S., Pacheco, V., Luna, L., Velazco, P.M. & Patterson, B.D. 2006 Mammals of the manu biosphere reserve. Fieldiana Zoology 110, 13-22.
Springer, M.S., Meredith, R.W., Gatesy, J., Emerling, C.A., Park, J., Rabosky, D.L., Stadler, T., Steiner, C., Ryder, O.A., Janecka, J.E., et al. 2012 Macroevolutionary dynamics and historical biogeography of primate diversification inferred from a species supermatrix. Plos One 7. (doi:ARTN e49521 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0049521).

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