DAMisc: Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

Miscellaneous set of functions I use in my teaching either at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research Summer Program in Quantitative Methods. Broadly, the functions help with presentation and interpretation of GLMs.

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AuthorDave Armstrong (UW-Milwaukee, Department of Political Science)
Date of publication2016-07-04 20:29:01
MaintainerDave Armstrong <dave@quantoid.net>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aclp: Example data for btscs function

aveEffPlot: Average Effect Plot for Generalized Linear Models

BGMtest: Tests the five Berry, Golder and Milton (2012) Interactive...

binfit: Scalar Measures of Fit for Binary Variable Models

btscs: Generate Spells for Binary Variables

cat2Table: Fitted Values and CIs for 2-Categorical Interactions

combTest: Test for Combining Categories in Multinomial Logistic...

crSpanTest: Test of Span Parameter in linearity for Component + Residual...

crTest: Test of linearity for Component + Residual Plots

DAintfun: Surface Plots for Two-Way Interactions

DAintfun2: Conditional Effects Plots for Interactions in Linear Models

DAMisc-package: Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

france: Example data for factorplot function

glmChange: Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models

glmChange2: Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models

intEff: Functions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...

InteractionEx: Example Data for DAintfun

intQualQuant: Predictions for Factor-Numeric Interactions in Linear Models

logit_cc: Functions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...

mnlAveEffPlot: Average Effects Plot for Multinomial Logistic Regression

mnlChange: Maximal First Differences for Multinomial Logistic Regression...

mnlChange2: Average Effects for Multinomial Logistic Regression Models

mnlfit: Fit Statistics and Specification Test for Multinomial...

mnlSig: Print Statistically Significant MNL Coefficients

NKnots: AIC and BIC selection of number of spline knots

NKnotsTest: Test of functional form assumption using B-splines

ordAveEffPlot: Plot Average Effects of Variables in Proportional Odds...

ordChange: Maximal First Differences for Proportional Odds Logistic...

ordChange2: Average Effects for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...

ordFit: Fit Statistics for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...

outXT: Create LaTeX or CSV versions of an Object Produced by...

panel.2cat: Lattice panel function for confidence intervals with capped...

panel.ci: Lattice panel function for confidence intervals

panel.doublerug: Lattice panel function for two rug plots

panel.transci: Lattice panel function for translucent confidence intervals

poisGOF: Deviance and Chi-squared Goodness-of-Fit Test for Poisson...

pre: Proportional and Expected Proportional Reductions in Error

prepanel.ci: Lattice prepanel function for confidence intervals

print.pre: Print method for objects of class pre

scaleDataFrame: Standardize quantitative variables in a data frame

searchVarLabels: Search Variable Labels Attribute

simPredpolr: Calculate Predictions for Proportional Odds Logistic...

testLoess: Significance Test for Loess vs. LM

ziChange: Maximal First Differences for Zero-Inflated Models


aclp Man page
aveEffPlot Man page
BGMtest Man page
binfit Man page
btscs Man page
cat2Table Man page
combTest Man page
crSpanTest Man page
crTest Man page
DAintfun Man page
DAintfun2 Man page
DAMisc Man page
DAMisc-package Man page
france Man page
glmChange Man page
glmChange2 Man page
intEff Man page
InteractionEx Man page
intQualQuant Man page
logit_cc Man page
logit_cd Man page
logit_dd Man page
mnlAveEffPlot Man page
mnlChange Man page
mnlChange2 Man page
mnlfit Man page
mnlSig Man page
NKnots Man page
NKnotsTest Man page
ordAveEffPlot Man page
ordChange Man page
ordChange2 Man page
ordfit Man page
outXT Man page
panel.2cat Man page
panel.ci Man page
panel.doublerug Man page
panel.transci Man page
poisGOF Man page
pre Man page
prepanel.ci Man page
print.mnlfit Man page
print.ordfit Man page
print.pre Man page
probit_cc Man page
probit_cd Man page
probit_dd Man page
scaleDataFrame Man page
searchVarLabels Man page
simPredpolr Man page
testLoess Man page
ziChange Man page

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