DAMisc: Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

Miscellaneous set of functions I use in my teaching either at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research Summer Program in Quantitative Methods. Broadly, the functions help with presentation and interpretation of GLMs.

AuthorDave Armstrong (UW-Milwaukee, Department of Political Science)
Date of publication2016-07-04 20:29:01
MaintainerDave Armstrong <dave@quantoid.net>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aclp: Example data for btscs function

aveEffPlot: Average Effect Plot for Generalized Linear Models

BGMtest: Tests the five Berry, Golder and Milton (2012) Interactive...

binfit: Scalar Measures of Fit for Binary Variable Models

btscs: Generate Spells for Binary Variables

cat2Table: Fitted Values and CIs for 2-Categorical Interactions

combTest: Test for Combining Categories in Multinomial Logistic...

crSpanTest: Test of Span Parameter in linearity for Component + Residual...

crTest: Test of linearity for Component + Residual Plots

DAintfun: Surface Plots for Two-Way Interactions

DAintfun2: Conditional Effects Plots for Interactions in Linear Models

DAMisc-package: Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

france: Example data for factorplot function

glmChange: Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models

glmChange2: Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models

intEff: Functions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...

InteractionEx: Example Data for DAintfun

intQualQuant: Predictions for Factor-Numeric Interactions in Linear Models

logit_cc: Functions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...

mnlAveEffPlot: Average Effects Plot for Multinomial Logistic Regression

mnlChange: Maximal First Differences for Multinomial Logistic Regression...

mnlChange2: Average Effects for Multinomial Logistic Regression Models

mnlfit: Fit Statistics and Specification Test for Multinomial...

mnlSig: Print Statistically Significant MNL Coefficients

NKnots: AIC and BIC selection of number of spline knots

NKnotsTest: Test of functional form assumption using B-splines

ordAveEffPlot: Plot Average Effects of Variables in Proportional Odds...

ordChange: Maximal First Differences for Proportional Odds Logistic...

ordChange2: Average Effects for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...

ordFit: Fit Statistics for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...

outXT: Create LaTeX or CSV versions of an Object Produced by...

panel.2cat: Lattice panel function for confidence intervals with capped...

panel.ci: Lattice panel function for confidence intervals

panel.doublerug: Lattice panel function for two rug plots

panel.transci: Lattice panel function for translucent confidence intervals

poisGOF: Deviance and Chi-squared Goodness-of-Fit Test for Poisson...

pre: Proportional and Expected Proportional Reductions in Error

prepanel.ci: Lattice prepanel function for confidence intervals

print.pre: Print method for objects of class pre

scaleDataFrame: Standardize quantitative variables in a data frame

searchVarLabels: Search Variable Labels Attribute

simPredpolr: Calculate Predictions for Proportional Odds Logistic...

testLoess: Significance Test for Loess vs. LM

ziChange: Maximal First Differences for Zero-Inflated Models

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