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Dave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions

aclpExample data for btscs function
alsosAlternating Least Squares Optimal Scaling
alsosDVAlternating Least Squares Optimal Scaling
aveEffPlotAverage Effect Plot for Generalized Linear Models
balsosBayesian Alternating Least Squares Optimal Scaling
BGMtestTests the five Berry, Golder and Milton (2012) Interactive...
binfitScalar Measures of Fit for Binary Variable Models
binVarBin a Variable
boot.alsosBootstrapping function for the ALSOS algorithm
btscsGenerate Spells for Binary Variables
cat2TableFitted Values and CIs for 2-Categorical Interactions
changeSigRegions of Statistical Significance in Interactions
combTestTest for Combining Categories in Multinomial Logistic...
crSpanTestTest of Span Parameter in linearity for Component + Residual...
crTestTest of linearity for Component + Residual Plots
cv.lo2Cross-validating Loess curve
DAintfunSurface Plots for Two-Way Interactions
DAintfun2Conditional Effects Plots for Interactions in Linear Models
DAintfun3Conditional Effects Plots for Interactions in Linear Models
DAMisc-packageDave Armstrong's Miscellaneous Functions
describe_dataInteractive List of Variables
effect_logistfPlot Effects from Firth Logit
franceExample data for factorplot function
ggpiePie Charts with ggplot2
glmChangeMaximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models
glmChange2Maximal First Differences for Generalized Linear Models
impCoefPlot Variable Importance.
inspectInspect a Variable in a Data Frame
intEffFunctions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...
InteractionExExample Data for DAintfun
intQualQuantPredictions for Factor-Numeric Interactions in Linear Models
loess.asFit a local polynomial regression with automatic smoothing...
loessDerivEstimate Derivatives of LOESS Curve.
logit_ccFunctions for Estimating Interaction Effects in Logit and...
make_assoc_statsMake Categorical Association Statistics
makeHypSurvMake Hypothetical Predictions for Survey Data
mnlAveEffPlotAverage Effects Plot for Multinomial Logistic Regression
mnlChangeMaximal First Differences for Multinomial Logistic Regression...
mnlChange2Average Effects for Multinomial Logistic Regression Models
mnlfitFit Statistics and Specification Test for Multinomial...
mnlSigPrint Statistically Significant MNL Coefficients
NKnotsAIC and BIC selection of number of spline knots
NKnotsTestTest of functional form assumption using B-splines
oc2plotPlot First Differences from Ordinal DV Model
ordAveEffPlotPlot Average Effects of Variables in Proportional Odds...
ordChangeMaximal First Differences for Proportional Odds Logistic...
ordChange2Average Effects for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...
ordfitFit Statistics for Proportional Odds Logistic Regression...
outEffPlot Effects of Removing Outliers
outXTCreate LaTeX or CSV versions of an Object Produced by...
panel.2catLattice panel function for confidence intervals with capped...
panel.ciLattice panel function for confidence intervals
panel.doublerugLattice panel function for two rug plots
panel.transciLattice panel function for translucent confidence intervals
pgumbelPDF of the Gumbel Distribution
plot.alsosPlotting method for ALSOS object
plot.balsosPlot Results from BALSOS
plot.loessPlot LOESS curve.
plot.secdiffPlotting Method for Second Difference Objects
poisfitScalar Measures of Fit for Poisson GLMs Models
poisGOFDeviance and Chi-squared Goodness-of-Fit Test for Poisson...
powerTransPower Transformation Function
preProportional and Expected Proportional Reductions in Error
prepanel.ciLattice prepanel function for confidence intervals
print.diffciPrint Confidence Intervals for Predicted Probabilities and...
print.glmc2Print method for glmChange objects
print.iqqPrint method for intQualQuant objects.
print.ordChangePrint method for ordChange objects
print.prePrint method for objects of class pre
probciConfidence Intervals for Predicted Probabilities and Their...
probgroupPlog Probabilities by Group
pwCorrMatPairwise Correlation Matrix
scaleDataFrameStandardize quantitative variables in a data frame
searchVarLabelsSearch Variable Labels Attribute
secondDiffCalculate Cross-Derivative and its Variability
simPredpolrCalculate Predictions for Proportional Odds Logistic...
summary.balsosSummry method for Bayesian ALSOS
summary.secdiffSummary for Second Difference Objects
sumStatsSummary Statistics
test.balsosTesting Measurement Level Assumptions.
testGAMintSimulated F-test for Linear Interactions
testLoessSignificance Test for Loess vs. LM
testNLTest Transformations and Polynomials in Non-linear Models
tidy_boot_ciTidy Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
tscslagLag a time-series cross-sectional variables
tTestt-Test function
unformulateBreak Apart Model Formula
xtCross-Tabulation of Weighted or Unweighted Data
yeo.johnsonYeo-Johnson Transformation
yj_transOptimizing Yeo-Johnson Transformation
ziChangeMaximal First Differences for Zero-Inflated Models
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