Man pages for DGEobj.utils
Differential Gene Expression (DGE) Analysis Utility Toolkit

convertCountsConvert count matrix to CPM, FPKM, FPK, or TPM
DGEobj.utils-packageDGEobj.utils Package Overview
extractColExtract a named column from a series of df or matrices
lowIntFilterApply low intensity filters to a DGEobj
rsqCalcCalculate R-squared for each gene fit
runContrastsBuild contrast matrix and calculate contrast fits
runEdgeRNormRun edgeR normalization on DGEobj
runIHWApply Independent Hypothesis Weighting (IHW) to a list of...
runPowerRun a power analysis on counts and design matrix
runQvalueCalculate and add q-value and lFDR to dataframe
runSVATest for surrogate variables
runVoomRun functions in a typical voom/lmFit workflow
summarizeSigCountsSummarize a contrast list
topTable.mergeMerge specified topTable df cols
tpm.directConvert countsMatrix and geneLength to TPM units
tpm.on.subsetCalculate TPM for a subsetted DGEobj
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