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A package to perform DIFlasso, a method to detect DIF (Differential Item Functioning) in Rasch Models. It can handle settings with many covariates and also metric covariates. The method is described is Tutz and Schauberger (2015). Also a refit function is provided.


The main function is DIFlasso. The method assumes the DIFmodel from Tutz and Schauberger (2015) where a Group Lasso penalty is used for DIF detection. Computation is based on the function grplasso. refitDIFlasso provides a refit function for DIFlasso. Additionally, plot and print functions are provided.


Gunther Schauberger


Tutz, Gerhard and Schauberger, Gunther (2015): A Penalty Approach to Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models, Psychometrika, 80(1), 21 - 43

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