Man pages for DOBAD
Analysis of Discretely Observed Linear Birth-and-Death(-and-Immigration) Markov Chains

add.generatorGenerating functions for birth-death processes with...
add.joint.mean.manyMean counts and particle time averages for birth-death...
add.uncond.mean.oneENplus, ENminus, Eholdtime, unconditional on ending state.
ARsimAccept-Reject Simulation
bdARsimCondEndConditional Simulation of BD via Accept-Reject
BD.EMInference.prodExpecsFunctions That Calculate Product Expectations Needed for...
BDloglikelihood.POCalculate log likelihood of Partially Observed BD process
BDMC-classClass "BDMC"
BDMC_many-classClass '"BDMC_many"'
BD.MCMC.SCMCMC on Linear Birth Death Process
BDPOloglikeGradSqr.CTMC_PO_manyGradient-Squared of PartialData likelihood
BDsummaryStatsGet summary statistics for EM Algorithm on Linear Birth-Death...
birth.death.simulantSimulation of birth-death processes with immigration
bracket-methodsMethods for Function '[' in Package 'DOBAD'
combineCTMCCombine several CTMCs into one CTMC
CTMC2listConvert Between two representations of a Continuous Time...
CTMC-classClass "CTMC"
CTMC_PO_1-classClass "CTMC_PO_1"
CTMCPO2indepIntervalsConverts CTMC_PO (either CTMC_PO_1 or CTMC_PO_many) to...
CTMC_PO_many-classClass "CTMC_PO_many"
CTMC.simulateSimulate from ("regular") CTMC
CTMC.simulate.piecewiseSimulate from piecewise constant/homogeneous CTMC
derivTypeHelper for getting means from generating functions
doublebracket-methodsMethods for Function '[[' in Package 'DOBAD'
EM.BD.SCExpectation-Maximization on Linear Birth Death (_S_pecial...
EM.BD.SC.cov.1svExpectation-Maximization on Linear Birth Death (and...
EMutilitiesFunctions related to implementing the EM algorithm on...
getBDinformHelpers for Getting Information Matrix for MLE estimates on...
getBDinform.POGet Information Matrix for MLE estimates on Partially...
getBDjTimesGet Jump times of a BD process.
getBDMCsPOlist-methodsMethods for Function 'getBDMCsPOlist' in Package 'DOBAD'
getDataSummary.CTMC_PO_manyCalculate Some Summarizing Information for the Given Data
getInitParamsGet multiple starting parameters for EM
getIthJumpTimeGet the jump times from a CTMC.
getMCstateGet the state of a CTMC at various times
getNewParams.SCSolve for new parameters in restricted model in EM algorithm.
getPartialDataGet "partially Observed " Chain from a fully observed one.
getStatesGet list of jump states.
getSubMCExtract a Sub Markov Chain
getTimesGet list of jump times.
getT-methods~~ Methods for Function getT in Package 'DOBAD' ~~
getTs-methods~~ Methods for Function getTs in Package 'DOBAD' ~~
graph.CTMCPlot CTMCs (possibly Partially Observed)
list2CTMCConvert a list representation of a CTMC to the class version
NijCount transitions in a fully observed CTMC.
NplusCalculate summary statistics for BDMCs and CTMC_POs
num.derivNumerical Differentiation
plot-methodsPlot CTMCs
power.coef.oneGets coefficients of a power series..
process.prob.oneCalculate transition probability for linear birth death...
sampleJumpTimeFunctions for Simulating Conditionally the first Jump of a...
sim.condBDSimulate birth-death process, Conditionally upon observing...
simplifyTransform Lists to Vectors
sub-methodsSubscripting CTMCs
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