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Edit a data object using the information from the editor in a DataTable


When editing cells in a DataTable in a Shiny app, we know the row/column indices and values of the cells that were edited. With these information, we can update the data object behind the DataTable accordingly.


editData(data, info, proxy = NULL, rownames = TRUE, resetPaging = FALSE, ...)



The original data object used in the DataTable.


The information about the edited cells. It should be obtained from input$tableId_cell_edit from Shiny, and is a data frame containing columns row, col, and value.

proxy, resetPaging, ...

(Optional) If proxy is provided, it must be either a character string of the output ID of the table or a proxy object created from dataTableProxy(), and the rest of arguments are passed to replaceData() to update the data in a DataTable instance in a Shiny app.


Whether row names are displayed in the table.


The updated data object.


For factor columns, new levels would be automatically added when necessary to avoid NA coercing.

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