replaceData: Replace data in an existing table

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replaceDataR Documentation

Replace data in an existing table


Replace the data object of a table output and avoid regenerating the full table, in which case the state of the current table will be preserved (sorting, filtering, and pagination) and applied to the table with new data.


replaceData(proxy, data, ..., resetPaging = TRUE, clearSelection = "all")

updateFilters(proxy, data)



a proxy object created by dataTableProxy()


the new data object to be loaded in the table


other arguments to be passed to dataTableAjax()

resetPaging, clearSelection

passed to reloadData()


When you replace the data in an existing table, please make sure the new data has the same number of columns as the current data. When you have enabled column filters, you should also make sure the attributes of every column remain the same, e.g. factor columns should have the same or fewer levels, and numeric columns should have the same or smaller range, otherwise the filters may never be able to reach certain rows in the data, unless you explicitly update the filters with updateFilters().

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