Man pages for DTSg
A Class for Working with Time Series Based on 'data.table' and 'R6' with Largely Optional Reference Semantics

aggregate.DTSgAggregate Values
alter.DTSgAlter Time Series
clone.DTSgClone Object
colapply.DTSgApply Function Column-wise
cols.DTSgGet Names of Value Columns
DTSgDTSg Class
flowDaily River Flows
getCol.DTSgGet Column Vector
interpolateLinearLinear Interpolation
merge.DTSgMerge Two Objects
nas.DTSgList Missing Values
plot.DTSgPlot Time Series
print.DTSgPrint Time Series
refresh.DTSgObject Integrity
rollapply.DTSgRolling Window Function
rollbackRollback of Months
rowaggregate.DTSgAggregate Values Row-wise
rowbind.DTSgCombine Rows
S3WrapperGeneratorS3 Wrapper Method Generator
setColNames.DTSgSet Names of Value Columns
setCols.DTSgSet Values of Columns
subset.DTSgTime Series Subset
summary.DTSgTime Series Summary
TALFsTemporal Aggregation Level Functions
values.DTSgGet Values
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