DataCombine: Tools for Easily Combining and Cleaning Data Sets

Tools for combining and cleaning data sets, particularly with grouped and time series data.

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AuthorChristopher Gandrud [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-04-13 17:59:09
MaintainerChristopher Gandrud <>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

CasesTable: Create reports cases after listwise deletion of missing...

change: Calculate the changes (absolute, percent, and proportion)...

CountSpell: Count spells, including for grouped data

dMerge: Merges 2 data frames and report/drop/keeps only duplicates.

DropNA: Drop rows from a data frame with missing values on a given...

FillDown: Fills in missing (NA) values with the previous non-missing...

FillIn: A function for filling in missing values of a variable from...

FindDups: Find duplicated values in a data frame and subset it to...

FindReplace: Replace multiple patterns found in a character string column...

grepl.sub: Subset a data frame if a specified pattern is found in a...

InsertRow: Inserts a new row into a data frame

MoveFront: Move variables to the front of a data frame.

NaVar: Create new variable(s) indicating if there are missing values...

PercChange: Calculate the percentage change from a specified lag,...

rmExcept: Remove all objects from a workspace except those specified by...

shift: A function for creating lag and lead variables.

shiftMA: Internal function for slideMA

slide: A function for creating lag and lead variables, including for...

slideMA: Create a moving average for a period before or after each...

SpreadDummy: Spread a dummy variable (1's and 0') over a specified time...

StartEnd: Find the starting and ending time points of a spell

TimeExpand: Expands a data set so that it includes an observation for...

TimeFill: Creates a continuous Unit-Time-Dummy data frame from a data...

VarDrop: Drop one or more variables from a data frame.


CasesTable Man page
change Man page
CountSpell Man page
dMerge Man page
DropNA Man page
FillDown Man page
FillIn Man page
FindDups Man page
FindReplace Man page
grepl.sub Man page
InsertRow Man page
MoveFront Man page
NaVar Man page
PercChange Man page
rmExcept Man page
shift Man page
shiftMA Man page
slide Man page
slideMA Man page
SpreadDummy Man page
StartEnd Man page
TimeExpand Man page
TimeFill Man page
VarDrop Man page

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