Man pages for DataFakeR
Generate Fake Data for Relational Databases

DataFakeR-packageGenerate fake data based on provided schema specification
default_simulation_paramsSetup default column type parameters
fake_columnSchema graph_tbl with already faked data (if performed)
faker_configurationDefault options for pulling metadata and data simulation
number_of_rowsMethods for extracting number of target rows in simulation
opt_default_tableConfigure data simulation options
restricted_simulationSimulate data restricted by extra column parameters
sample_modifiersModify sample with desired condition
schema_methodsSchema object methods
schema_sourceSource schema file into dependency graph object
simulation_methods_characterCharacter type simulation methods
simulation_methods_dateDate type simulation methods
simulation_methods_integerInteger type simulation methods
simulation_methods_logicalLogical type simulation methods
simulation_methods_numericNumeric type simulation methods
sourcing_metadataSpecify YAML configuration options while pulling the schema...
special_simulationSet of functions defining special simulation methods for...
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