Man pages for DataPackageR
Construct Reproducible Analytic Data Sets as R Packages

assert_data_versionAssert that a data version in a data package matches an...
construct_yml_configConstruct a datapackager.yml configuration
DataPackageRProcess data generation code in 'data-raw'
datapackager_object_readRead an object created in a previously run processing script.
datapackage_skeletonCreate a Data Package skeleton for use with DataPackageR.
data_versionGet the DataVersion for a package
documentBuild documentation for a data package using DataPackageR.
keepDataObjects-defunctThese functions are no longer available.
package_buildPre-process, document and build a data package
project_data_pathGet DataPackageR data path
project_extdata_pathGet DataPackageR extdata path
project_pathGet DataPackageR Project Root Path
use_data_objectAdd a data object to a data package.
use_ignoreIgnore specific files by git and R build.
use_processing_scriptAdd a processing script to a data package.
use_raw_datasetAdd a raw data set to inst/extdata
yamlEdit DataPackageR yaml configuration
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