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Options consulted by DataPackageR


User-configurable options consulted by DataPackageR, which provide a mechanism for setting default behaviors for various functions.

If the built-in defaults don't suit you, set one or more of these options. Typically, this is done in the .Rprofile startup file, which you can open for editing with usethis::edit_r_profile() - this will set the specified options for all future R sessions. The following setting is recommended to not be prompted upon each package build for a NEWS update:

options(DataPackageR_interact = FALSE)

Options for the DataPackageR package

- DataPackageR_interact: Upon package load, this defaults to the value of interactive(), unless the option has been previously set (e.g., in .Rprofile). TRUE prompts user interactively for a NEWS update on package_build(). See the example above and the rOpenSci blog post for more details on how to set this to FALSE, which will never prompt user for a NEWS update. FALSE is also the setting used for DataPackageR internal package tests.

- DataPackageR_verbose: Default upon package load is TRUE. FALSE suppresses all console output and is currently only used for automated unit tests of the DataPackageR package.

- DataPackageR_packagebuilding: Default upon package load is FALSE. This option is used internally for package operations and changing it is not recommended.

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