Man pages for DatabionicSwarm
Swarm Intelligence for Self-Organized Clustering

DatabionicSwarm-packageDatabionic Swarm (DBS)
DBSclusteringDatabonic swarm clustering (DBS)
DefaultColorSequenceDefault color sequence for plots
Delaunay4PointsAdjacency matrix of the delaunay graph for BestMatches of...
Delta3DWeightsCIntern function
DijkstraSSSPInternal function: Dijkstra SSSP
findPossiblePositionsCsingleIntern function, do not use yourself
GeneratePswarmVisualizationGenerates the Umatrix for Pswarm algorithm
getCartesianCoordinatesIntern function: Transformation of Databot indizes to...
getUmatrix4Projectiondepricated! see GeneralizedUmatrix() Generalisierte U-Matrix...
Lsun3DLsun3D inspired by FCPS
plotSwarmIntern function for plotting during the Pswarm annealing...
ProjectedPoints2GridTransforms ProjectedPoints to a grid
PswarmA Swarm of Databots based on polar coordinates (Polar Swarm).
PswarmCurrentRadiusC2botsPositiveintern function, do not use yourself
rDistanceToroidCsingleIntern function for 'Pswarm'
sESOM4BMUsIntern function: Simplified Emergent Self-Organizing Map
setdiffMatrixsetdiffMatrix shortens Matrix2Curt by those rows that are in...
setGridSizeSets the grid size for the Pswarm algorithm
setPolarGridIntern function: Sets the polar grid
setRminIntern function: Estimates the minimal radius for the Databot...
ShortestGraphPathsCShortest GraphPaths = geodesic distances
trainstepCInternal function for sESOM
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