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Within-group synchrony for heteroscedastic compound symmetry mixed models


The function calculates for each varGroup stratum the synchrony (a^) and standard error (SE) for heteroscedastic compound symmetry models (mHeCS).


cswi.het.aSE (model)



a class "lme" model produced by dendro.varcov with homoscedastic equals FALSE.


The function calculates the within-group synchrony values for each varGroup stratum based on the metodology described in Shestakova et al. (2014) and Shestakova et al. (2016). Note that this function is designed to work only in heteroscedastic compound symmetry mixed models (i.e. mHeCS).


The function returns a matrix containing within-group synchrony and SE for each level of varGroup. This function is used internally in sync.


Josu G. Alday, Tatiana A. Shestakova, Victor Resco de Dios, Jordi Voltas


Shestakova, T.A., Aguilera, M., Ferrio, J.P., Gutierrez, E. & Voltas, J. (2014). Unravelling spatiotemporal tree-ring signals in Mediterranean oaks: a variance-covariance modelling approach of carbon and oxygen isotope ratios. Tree Physiology 34: 819-838.

Shestakova, T.A., Gutierrez, E., Kirdyanov, A.V., Camarero, J.J., Genova, M., Knorre, A.A., Linares, J.C., Resco de Dios, V., Sanchez-Salguero, R. & Voltas, J. (2016). Forests synchronize their growth in contrasting Eurasian regions in response to climate warming. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113: 662-667.

See Also

sync for a clear description of synchrony evaluation.


## Calculate within-group heterosdecastic synchrony and SE for conifersIP data:
 #Fit the heteroscedastic set of varcov models (mBE, mHeNE, mHeCS, mHeUN)
 # using taxonomic grouping criteria (i.e. Species)
 ModHt <- dendro.varcov(TRW ~ Code, varTime = "Year", varGroup = "Species", 
                        data = conifersIP, homoscedastic = FALSE)
 #Obtain the heteroscedastic compound symmetry 
 #within-group synchrony and SE for each varGroup stratum.

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